Saturday, June 25, 2011

year 2011-2012

This academic year we have 11 brothers from various dioceses and two brothers of C.F.I.C. as a residents.
Aravind Toppo- Amravati
Ajo Antony - C.F.I.C
Nannam Prem Kumar - C.F.I.C.
Antony Munjanattu - Chanda
Anshu Vibhor - Delhi
Robert Kujur -  Dibrugarh
Amrit kumar minj- -Gumla
Pratap Toppo - Gwalior
Jijo Verghese - Jaipur
Linto Chittilappilly - Nagpur
Ajay Minj - Raigarh
Thartius T - Simla- Chandigarh
Yusph Masih - Simla-Chandigarh.
we have also non resident 9 brothers and 4 sisters from various houses.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mission Experience of First Year Theology

The first disciples of John the Baptist meeting Jesus, asked Him, “ Sir where do you live ? ” Jesus’ answer was “ Come and See.” Thus began the mission journey of the disciples following Jesus. The disciples came, saw. They stayed with Jesus, imitating Him, listening to His words and learning the first lessons of the Kingdom of God Which Jesus proclaimed.
The proclamation of the Kingdom of God was the mission of Jesus on earth, sowing the seeds of love, joy, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness, flowing from the bounty of God, the Father of all.
The same experience of the first disciples, we get here when we are in the seminary. After having initial experience with Jesus, Jesus sent his disciples to various mission places to proclaim the Kingdom of God.
We the first year theologians left with same words of Christ “ Go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” It was a fabulous experience for all of us. We went for the Christmas Mission Experience in different mission stations of the Diocese of Jabalpur and Nagpur. We were all immensely very joyful to go to the mission stations where we were sent and started our mission with full enthusiastic way.
The people in the villages are very poor, where they have only one meal in a day. They all live in a small houses and use the fuel lamps at night. But one thing we all experienced from them is though they are materially poor but spiritually they are very rich. They accepted us as their own people.
Their prayer life is so much emerged in Jesus, we cannot even reach to that level because every day evening they come together as one family and have their prayers. For the Sunday Mass they have to walk almost 30 without having any meal for their journey. Our mission was to be with the people during the Carol singing, prayer meeting, to have experience of preaching the word of God, on Sunday Mass. Some of us even had the experience of praying with the people whole night, which is conducted by the people themselves. They select some passages from the Bible and have whole night chanting and some spontaneous prayers, which they call as “ Ishayan ”. Some of us also had the experience of teaching children in the villages.
This was our first experience and we all enjoyed it very much and will surely keep alive throughout our life as a religious people. We express our heart felt gratitude and a special thanks to all the priests, sisters and faithful of Jabalpur and Nagpur diocese who helped us to have a happy stay and enriching experience wherever we went.